Drowsy Driving: Do You Need to Pull Over and Rest?

Some Statistics:  

The statistics surrounding drowsy driving accidents are staggering. Lives are ended and families are devastated by the severe impact of driving while fatigued. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about half of U.S. adult drivers admit to consistently getting behind the wheel while feeling drowsy.

About 20% admit to falling asleep behind the wheel at some point in the past year – with more than 40% admitting this has happened at least once in their driving careers.

An estimated 5,000 people died in 2015 in crashes involving drowsy driving, according to a Governors Highway Safety Association report. 

Have you ever driven while very tired? If yes, clearly, you are not alone.  But it can be hard to tell when it is time to pull over. When that first wave of exhaustion hits, drivers tend to think to themselves, “Oh, I’ll be fine. I can handle it.” But staying behind the wheel while fatigued puts you and others at risk.

Who will it hurt if you stop and take a quick nap or pull into a hotel for a good night’s sleep? The bigger question is: who will it hurt if you don’t?

How Do You Know If You’re Fatigued Behind the Wheel?                                                          

You might need to stop and rest if you notice the following while you’re driving:

  • A feeling of irritability or restlessness
  • You hit the rumble strip on the shoulder of the road (now you know why those are there)
  • You find yourself tailgating or drifting from your lane
  • You can’t keep your head up
  • You’re rubbing your eyes or yawning repeatedly
  • You are missing traffic signs, or you missed your exit
  • Having trouble remembering which lane you were just in or the last couple of miles
  • Feeling disconnected, wandering thoughts, or daydreaming
  • Heavy eyelids, frequent blinking, or difficulty focusing

If any of these signs or symptoms of drowsy driving occur, it’s time to pull over. If someone else is driving and you notice any of these symptoms in him, alert him immediately and insist that he either trade with you or pull over to rest.  Being a supportive passenger can make a very big difference.

Steps to Prevent Drowsy Driving:                                                                                                                 

While life can feel overwhelming, especially when it includes a lengthy commute or a long-distance drive, there are steps you can take before you get behind the wheel.  First, get enough sleep, in anticipation of your drive.  Adults need a minimum of seven hours of sleep and young adults need eight.  Second, try to stick to a sleep schedule.  Third, if you have symptoms of a sleep disorder, such as snoring or feeling endlessly sleepy, talk to your doctor about treatments.  Finally, avoid drinking alcohol or taking medications that increase drowsiness.  Make sure to check medicinal labels for warnings.

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What are Drivers Friend® Energy Chews?

As a truck driver, completing shifts that involve long overnight drives can be a common occurrence. Such jobs can be challenging, especially when one needs to stay awake after drowsiness kicks in. In addition, experts advise against driving between midnight through 6AM because drowsiness is a major cause of automobile accidents. Studies have shown driving while drowsy can be more dangerous than driving while intoxicated.

In many cases, truck drivers do not have the luxury of taking short naps during long trips; let alone getting seven to eight hours of sleep before setting out. Fortunately, Driver’s Friend® has come to aid with these issues until sleep can be safely achieved. Our company created a revolutionary chewable wafer that was designed specifically with truck drivers’ needs in mind.

Understanding Drivers Friend® Energy Chews

Driver’s Friend® provides Energy and Alertness support through our proprietary formula that is unlike any other product currently in the marketplace.  What sets Driver’s Friend® apart from all other energy products regardless of the delivery system (shot, drink or capsule) is one cornerstone ingredient; our Patented HydroQsorb® CoQ10, which is Essential for Energy Production.  Along with B Complex Vitamins; which are energy releasers, and caffeine, our proprietary formula supports not only Energy and Alertness but Focus as well.  Studies have shown there are lasting effects in upwards of 4-6 hours of increased Alertness, Energy and Focus.

Here’s a quick overview of the key benefits that our proprietary energy chews can offer:

  • Energy Boost
  • Alertness Boost
  • Focus Boost
  • Contains our Patented HydroQsorb® CoQ10
  • No Water Necessary (less bathroom stops)

Our delicious Mocha Flavored Energy Chews are equivalent to a cup of coffee based on the 100mg of caffeine alone, where studies have shown increased energy and alertness is noted within 30-60 minutes.  However, we are not selling a caffeine chew; we are selling a unique and proprietary blend of ingredients that enhance Energy production by increasing Vital Energy in the cells thereby stimulating the brain, with published studies to support our Patented HydroQsorb® CoQ10 benefits as well as the other ingredients.

Why Should Truck Drivers Try Driver’s Friend® Energy Chews?

If a truck driver pushes on even though he or she is to the point of exhaustion, the following risks increase:

  • Falling asleep
  • Accidents
  • Slower reaction time
  • Heavy eyelids
  • Frequent blinking
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Disconnected and wandering thoughts (daydreaming)
  • Missing traffic signs and exits
  • Difficulty remembering the last few miles driven
  • Rubbing one’s eyes
  • Constant yawning
  • Trouble keeping one’s head up
  • Hitting a shoulder rumble strip
  • Tailgating
  • Drifting from one’s lane
  • Feeling irritable and restless

Some techniques that truck drivers use to stay awake include stopping to get a cup of coffee; which takes time to stop then leads to subsequent bathroom breaks, avoid heavy meals prior to driving, keep air conditioning on or open windows, and turning the radio on and off to name a few. But, if you are looking for a more convenient answer to help get through the lack of energy and focus and only takes a few seconds; Driver’s Friend® chewable wafers are perfect to assist in these situations. Just open the packet, pop in your mouth and chew — now you are good to go! No stopping required!

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** Note: Limited quantity of free samples available, while supplies last, one per person.  Orders will be filled solely at our discretion based on product availability.