Tips to Chase Away Drowsiness & the Sleepy Spells at Work

Whatever your job may be, you’ve likely experienced drowsiness during working hours. Anyone can shake off occasional “zoning out” from a lack of sleep.  Feeling tired while on the job stretches out an already long day and can certainly impede your productivity.  However, for many, drowsiness at work can be downright dangerous.

What can we do to chase away drowsiness and the sleepy spells during working hours?

Get Up

When you’re tired during work, get up and move. A short walk will do you good. It will wake muscles up, encouraging increased blood flow to extremities.  While you’re at it, take the time to kick your circulation up a notch by splashing cold water on your face. This can make you feel more awake and can temporarily renew your energy. Taking breaks in general is important. A good rule of thumb is to take a five-minute break for every 25 minutes of work – particularly if work involves long periods of sitting. And perhaps you will find a spark of creative energy with that change of scenery!

Up for a Massage?

We aren’t pulling out the massage tables in the office here. But what can we do in its place? If you can break away long enough, try rubbing or pressing on these body pressure points for a jolt of energy:

  • Just below the balls of your feet
  • Between your index finger and thumb
  • The back of your neck

Got Tunes?

Why not awaken your senses with some lively music?  Music will get your mind off of feeling tired and offer a bit of distraction.  Playing your favorite tunes will boost your mood as well.

Freshen Up

Try to keep the temperature a little cooler and avoid overly heated work rooms. To keep your energy level up and your blood flowing, welcome fresh air into the room. No windows? Bring in a fan, close those eyes for a moment and picture the ocean.

You’ve Got a Friend

Connecting with friends from time to time during work can offer a much-needed energy boost and distraction when drowsy. A quick text or talk with a family member or a friend can really offer the laugh or support that you may need.  And remember: talk about anything but work.

Grab a Healthy Snack

Reaching for some healthy proteins such as a handful of mixed nuts or a rice cake with peanut butter will give you a much-needed energy boost.  Staying hydrated is also very important.  While grabbing a cup of coffee will give you an immediate boost, water will keep you feeling refreshed and awake throughout the day.  So, fill that bottle of water.

Staying awake at work is easier when you use these tips. Taking breaks, getting enough sleep before starting another shift and listening to music are things we can all do to be refreshed happier employees.

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