Staying alert behind the wheel

While the majority of automobile accidents are caused by distracted driving and alcohol, driver fatigue is right up there as well. In just 2016, drowsy driving was a factor in 803 reported automobile accident fatalities. Could these fatalities have been avoided? Absolutely. Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming one of the fatigued drivers on the road today.

Stay alert with these tips

  • Be mindful of what you drink and eat – sugary snacks provide a short burst of energy followed by a rapid decline in energy.
  • During the day, wear good sunglasses – your eyes will be less likely to get tired if you aren't squinting into bright sunlight.
  • Pay attention to the settings in your car – keep a relatively upright position for your seat, don’t rely on cruise control, and keep the interior temperature on the cool side.
  • Pull into a rest stop – if you're having a hard time concentrating, it's time to take a break. Take a break every two hours, or if possible, switch drivers. Never pull over onto the shoulder to take a break - get off the highway completely.
  • Get the right amount of sleep – a full eight hours of sleep is recommended before long trips. Professional long-haul truckers are required by law to get sufficient rest. You should too.
  • And remember, take Driver’s Friend with you on all your trips!

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